Virtual Practice

Resolving Family Law Issues Virtually


At EHB & Associates, we are prioritizing the health and safety of our clients and their families by providing alternative ways to communicate during this time of social distancing. We understand that family law issues will inevitably continue to arise and are here to discuss and advise new and current clients on how best to resolve their legal issues.

Phone and Virtual Consultations

We are offering our clients the choice of regular phone consultations or virtual consultations via Zoom, for those individuals who prefer a face to face interaction.

Virtual consultations are as effective as in-person consultations while offering clients the added convenience of being able to meet with our attorneys from the comfort of their homes and/or their jobs. This eliminates the time associated with commuting to and from our physical office location.

Virtual Attorney/Client Meetings

Once a client retains, we are available to meet with the client virtually as often as necessary to discuss details of their case and/or prepare for any upcoming court appearance or mediation. This option allows clients to have face to face access with our staff to address any matter related to their case, without worrying about unnecessary physical contact during this time of necessary social distancing

Virtual Mediations

Virtual mediations involve all the same benefits related to confidentiality that are available during regular in-person mediations. Clients have the option to be placed in a ‘breakout room’ alone with their attorney to discuss their case. The options for each party to be in a separate breakout room exists. Opposing parties do not have to see each other during these virtual mediations. If an agreement is reached, mediators and their staff have the ability to virtually notarize the agreement in order to complete the mediation with a fully executed agreement. All of this is possible from the comfort of the client’s home.

Virtual Court Appearances

Currently, courthouses remain closed to the public. However, hearings are continuing to be scheduled and are moving forward via zoom. Each judge has his or her own Zoom room address, the same of which is provided to the client prior to any scheduled court hearing. This allows the client to appear before the judge, from anywhere they choose whether that be their home, workplace, or other location.

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