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Resolving Family Law Issues While Social Distancing – An Untraditional Option for Untraditional Times

During this time of “social distancing”, it can be difficult for some individuals and families to remain in close quarters with each other, day in and day out. Without any of the day’s usual escapes, it can lead to interesting family dynamics. This is true even for families that are highly cohesive and functioning positively during normal circumstances. So, what about those individuals and families that were experiencing turmoil and considering filing for divorce before this breakout pandemic swept in?

For many families, now’s not the time for them to initiate a family case primarily because they prefer to maintain as much normalcy and consistency as possible during the current crisis. However, for other families, this situation will further expose the need for immediate change; change that they perhaps previously contemplated but never acted upon. If you find yourself in this position, are wondering whether it is possible to initiate a family case, and how any real resolution can be obtained during this period of social distancing, then you have clicked on the right article.

The Collaborative Process has been around for many years, but it is by no means ‘traditional’ when compared to traditional litigation which is perceived to be the norm. However, this untraditional alternative to litigation, is exactly what families can utilize during these untraditional times. The Collaborative Process is an alternative to litigation, that allows families to resolve their family law issues outside of court without the need for court appearances or a Judge’s intervention. Instead, these resolutions happen in the presence of a collaborative team, in a holistic and neutral setting. Due to the pandemic, that setting cannot take place in person within close quarters. However, that does not present an obstacle for the Collaborative Process as web conferencing programs such as Zoom facilitates face-to-face team meetings, even allowing for breakaway sessions to provide privacy to any of its participants when necessary. The Collaborative Process has always been about facilitation; therefore, the concept of virtual meetings for purposes of facilitating coordination amongst team members and progress in a case is second-nature in this option.

The Collaborative Process is a modern approach for changing times. This period of ‘social distancing’ further exemplifies how this modern option is also providing modern solutions for families to resolve their family law issues during a time in which traditional Court houses remain closed to the public.

During this pandemic, the Collaborative Process is uniquely able to provide families with the professional support they need to safely and amicably remove themselves from a negative environment. There are multiple other benefits to families utilizing the Collaborative Process under any circumstance, (you can read more within the following linked articles to further educate yourself: )

If you or anyone you know would benefit from additional information on the Collaborative Process, both attorneys at EHB & Associates are trained in the collaborative process and have a vast network of professionals who can assist in educating you on this option. Contact our office at 954-385-9160 to schedule a phone or video consultation.

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