Divorce, Children & The Mental Toll

According to a recent study, “Couples going through a divorce may see their mental well-being deteriorate – especially if they are having angry exchanges and other conflicts”. This is news only to individuals who have either never gone through a divorce (or any other family law issue) or alternatively, never met anyone who has gone through one of these proceedings.

It is no surprise that individuals going through these events experience a decline in mental and physical health. Stress is often the perpetrator of many ailments and, unfortunately, family law litigation not only promotes stressful moments but, at times, perpetuates them.

When initiating any family law proceeding, individuals need to do their homework when choosing not only the professional that will represent them in their case, but also what legal route is most suitable for their circumstances. Too often, individuals hire the first attorney they meet—without paying mind to the attorney’s style and method of practicing. This may sometimes lead to unnecessary and avoidable conflict instigated by the professional and their personal style. Other times, individuals wishing to resolve their case in a cooperative and swift manner are hindered by the shortcomings associated with traditional litigation and the lack of knowledge that there are legal alternatives to litigation, such as the collaborative process. The collaborative process offers a peaceful alternative to litigation by pairing couples with a holistic team of professionals to help them come to an agreement over important family law issues.

Families going through any type of family proceeding—whether it be a divorce, divorce with minor children, establishment of Paternity or modification related to children’s issues—already have a lot on their emotional and psychological plate. It is in everyone’s best interest to minimize stress whenever possible. One way to do so is for everyone involved to work with professionals whose goals will be to facilitate the separation of the family rather than tearing it apart. This mindset helps to sidestep the pitfalls typically associated with these proceedings and consequently minimizes stress. If individuals thinking about initiating a family case choose their attorneys wisely, they will reap the benefits in the long run.

Going through a family law case can be a difficult time in an individual’s life, but it should not be the worst experience in their life. Your experience depends on who you choose to represent and counsel you during this process. It also depends on whether you choose the traditional route of litigation or collaboration. Choose wisely to minimize the mental and financial toll of divorce or other family law cases.

Fernanda Pedroso is an attorney at EHB Family Law. For more information on Divorce options or other family law matters contact the office at 954-385-9160 or visit our website at DivorceBroward.com for more information.

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